Build Your Business with a Book Quickstart Class is for you if you are:

  • Ready to leverage a book to build your authority in your industry. (Learn why a book is an authority play like no other.)
  • Determined to create multiple streams of income with a book. (Amazon best sellers typically sell less than 250 books. That's not a good payday.)
  • Prepared to build out your signature programs connected to a book. (This is where the real impact, influence and money is!)
  • Upset because you already have a book that has done NOTHING to increase your revenue. (You need more than just your story.)
  • Interested in speaking on stages to attract raving fans and profitable partnerships. (You can also build your own lucrative stages).
  • Ready for a clear, concise class that walks you step by step to complete your profitable monetization plan in a half day.

In a one-half-day session, I will show you exactly how to create & leverage a high-impact, income-producing book (even if you hate writing) that will help you:

Be Seen as an Industry or Ministry Expert

Enjoy more influence, impact and income!

Build Your Email List Fast

Expand Your Profitable Partnerships

Create your book-to-business strategy and complete your monetization plan!

Your message deserves a bigger audience.

Build Your Business With a Book Quickstart

Saturday, October 15th

12:30 PM - 5:30PM ET

The class includes:

Create a Roadmap to More Impact, Influence and Income

Little-Known Options for Creating a 3-Book Stack Quickly

Plan Your Local, National or International Industry Dominance

Create your monetization execution plan.




Golden Preferred List of Providers for Your Business Needs

We have curated the best, most affordable resources to help you expand your business by creating new income-producing books whenever you want.


Mentoring from a 5-Time National Award Winning Signature Program Designer

Schedule your one-hour of practical advise and shortcuts to become the go-to in your industry and raise those fees.

Summits 2 Books BONUS Materials

This course containing a complete playbook and workbook providing everything you need to grow your list and influence with a virtual summit.

A Top-Selling Book is the Best Strategy to Grow Your Authority in Your Industry.

I Built My First 20-Year Business by Writing Books.

Three books in five years with two publishers made me an instant thought leader in my industry. No marketing for years, all word of mouth referrals from one large organization to the next.

I am building a 2nd business using the exact strategy I am teaching.

Four of my five books have contributed over six figures each to my company.

Meet Angela

Angela Heath By The Numbers:

  • 2 businesses
  • 5 income- producing books
  • 5 national awards for signature programs.
  • 100s of written materials with national circulation
  • 1,000s of trainings
  • 30,000+ students trained

This successful businesswoman with 20+ years experience started her first business and was regarded as a national expert because of the books that she wrote.

She nearly lost it all when her 12 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. Unable to work for 3.5 years, Angela lost her identity and failed at every attempt to earn income.

Then her inner hustle kicked in and she went back to her core and wrote her fourth book, Do the Hustle without the Hassle.

She used the strategy you will learn to break into a new industry, connect with experts and build a following.

Today, Angela speaks globally and is Dean of the Virtual Speaking Academy and President of TKC Incorporated.

She guides subject matter experts to SHINE in the marketplace by quickly producing books, commanding stages and creating their transformational signature program.

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Raving Fans

"The TKC Incorporated team took complex topics and made them concise and simple. TKC Incorporated offers this valuable skill of online meeting design and management. Its online summits and in-person conferences are excellent." MB Enterprises

"Presenter was absolutely engaging and had so much to share.  Presentation was  informative and the presenter very inspiring--opened my eyes to possibilities I had not considered."  State Department

"I came to the Virtual Speaking Academy to learn how to use Zoom. My coach was Angela Heath. She got me looking good with positioning and lighting and understanding how and when to use the Zoom functions. She is an amazing trainer and coach." Over-the-Top Marketing.

"I came to your Masterclass for a little while. You were excellent. We want to speak with you about an upcoming online project we are planning." AARP Foundation

"Angela is a nationally sought after public speaker and subject matter expert with good reason. She’s that good. I highly recommend Angela as a keynote speaker, author, trainer, and business coach." LinkedIn Driving Instructor

"Angela Heath coached me as I prepared to make sales calls for the first time online. She evaluated my appearance, PowerPoints and delivery. As a result, I was polished and confident to use Zoom for business." Financial Professional

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